What is a “Smart Built Environment”?dreamstime_xl_9583166

The space (building) which provides a comfortable work or living environment we believe is called “Built Environment”. The infrastructure systems (HVAC, lighting, power, water, natural gas etc.) which is the integral part of the built environment, facilitates the comfort environment to occupants on a routine basis. The control systems which support the operation of the built environment is considered “Smart” as it provide capabilities for controlling the built environment based on preset schedule and programming logic based on IT technology. Combination of control systems and the built environmental is called “Smart Built Environment”.

The indoor comfort quality of built environment is dependent on several factors, such as the how effective, efficient and robust the tracking, monitoring and controlling of operation and maintenance strategy of the built environment is? What is the operating budget set aside for built environment? Do the owner of the built environment have right resources available to support maintaining the quality of the built environment? All these factors affect the performance and the quality of the built environment, the operational cost, occupants comfort, productivity, reliability and overall life cycle.

Together with our innovative team of engineers and technologist, we implement near real-time analytics system to continuously track, monitor and report the performance of the built environment with actionable data sets and driving data driven decisions for maintaining optimal operations of their built environment on a sustainable basis.